Born Fitness Workouts: Total Body Transformation

Every week we take a look at the workouts and workouts that take place in the Born Fitness community. Sometimes it’s my workouts and sometimes it’s individual workouts within the Born Fitness


I call it the “Soul Grinder”, but it was originally written “the full body-passed away circuit” by Brian Krahn. I’m currently working on a special project with Brian (who is also a great coach), and this is our metabolism day from hell.

The Overall Training Plan

This is just one day in a 5-day training cycle. The department is superior, inferior, focuses on the superior specialty, inferior specialty and metabolism.

Bonus – TIPP

Your grip will give you some time for the steps and split squats, so be prepared to use lighter weights. So it’s a mental action as soon as you get to the slot machines.
When you are resting, try to make sure that you have recovered as much as possible. Intensity is the most important variable in this workout, so do not rush during your rest period.
This training is ideal for training students and for training students.

The complete rotation of the body – from the expired”

How to do it: Perform this workout like a circuit, do one exercise after another with a little rest as possible. After completing all 8 exercises, take a break for 2 to 4 minutes. We have information about men and women for men and women 3 circuits.

1. Dumbbell Press x 12-15
2. Two rows of dumbbells for arms x 12-15
3. Weight Lifting x 10-12
4. DB-Cardigan with slit x 10-12

5. Walking lung x 30 repetitions per leg (ugh)
6. The body weight squats x 30 (Because your legs do not want to move)
7. Pumping x AMAP (as much as possible)
8. Inverted crack x 10-15
9. Video Player

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