Quick Finishers: Accelerating Your Progress

Changing your body requires the same attitude. Regardless of the ability to burn body fat, improve flexibility or increase the size of muscles, you need to perform the repetitions. Fortunately for us, this process can be achieved by adding 5-minute workout finishers (simple workout circuits) to the end of your program. These finalists add crucial competition to your routine during the week and significantly shorten the path to your goals.

Before entering the 5-minute completion essay, remember that there are certain movement skills that are best developed at the beginning of the workout, and not at the end. Skills such as high-end speed and foolproof agility require a high intake of your nervous system, so work on these movements when you are fresh, usually at the beginning of training.

1. Emphasize Fat Loss With EMOM Training

How it works: We have listed many examples below, but you can customize the replays and rates as you wish. Suppose you are rowing with dumbbells, a combination of squats and bench presses. You turn on the timer and run 10 propellers (it will probably take 20-30 seconds if you do full reps and you are in control) and then rest for the rest of the minute. The next round starts at the beginning of the next minute. You finish 5 rounds, then you finish one day. The more repetitions you do, the more weight you will use. However, if you set the repetitions a little lower (for example, 5 repetitions in deadlift), due to the short break, you will not use your actual weight of 5 repetitions, but you can gain weight and achieve the desired result.

At the end of training, exercise mom two or three times a week:

1. Push-up with dumbbells: 10 repetitions
2. Squats: 15 repetitions
3. Kettlebell/dumbbell swing: 15 reps
4. Deadlift: 5 reps
5. Dumbbell walk: 30 seconds
6. Med ball strokes: 20 seconds

2. Build New Muscle with Hypertrophy Finishers

Complex upper body

Complete this complex as often as possible in five minutes:

Squat jumps with dumbbells (no maximum height, just a small jump on the floor) -10 reps
Squats with dumbbells – 10 repetitions
Body weight squats jumps (no maximum height, just a small jump across the floor) -10 reps
Air squats with body weight – 10 repetitions

Complex upper body

Finish this complex as often as possible in five minutes:

Curls with dumbbells – 6 repetitions
Vertical row dumbbells – 6 reps
Dumbbell press – 6 reps
Push-ups with a firm grip – 6 repetitions

3. Reduce Soreness With Flexibility Finishers

Static stretching after exercise can help loosen up the areas that are too tight from contraction after contraction during your routine and thus act as another excellent workout finisher. You can increase the benefits of static stretching by adding directed breathing, which will help your body get out of the “action or plane mode” of your workout.

“It has been shown that deep diaphragmatic breathing increases the parasympathetic tone and improves the recovery processes of our organism. Conscious breathing training is our window to the management of the autonomic nervous system,” says Kevin Carr, strength trainer and founder of Movement As Medicine.

Hold each stretch for 10 deep breaths, inhale and exhale completely.

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